Prover Water Draw Calibration

Mobile Tank Prover

We are one of a few manufactures of Stationary and Mobile Water Draw Calibration Rigs, which are used for prover calibration. The calibration of a pipe prover by the water draw method requires standard capacity measures or a weighed tank provers, against which the precise volume of the Meter Prover calibrated section may be determined.

Typical Water Draw Calibration system consists of

  • Standard capacity measures/calibration cans
  • Water storage tank
  • High accuracy weigh scales
  • Flow meter
  • Pump
  • Flow diverter valve
  • Process piping including isolation valves and drains made of Stainless Steel

To allow continuous and uniform flow rate to be achieved, the complete volume of the prover between detectors must be pumped into a storage tank. This volume is than measured by weighing it by precision scales or transfer to standard capacity tanks. Our water draw unit design allows filling several calibration cans simultaneously or one by one depending on calibration method preferred.

Water Draw Unit 3D

All components of the Water Draw Calibration package are interconnected by stainless steel piping and mounted on a skid base frame. The Water Draw Calibration unit connects to Mechanical displacement Meter Prover via flexible hoses.

Calibration canCalibration can

The water draw rig location should provide for a stable ambient temperature. Direct sunlight must be avoided. An enclosed shelter is preferred.