Oil and Gas System International

Oil and Gas Systems designs and manufactures high quality metering and packaged process systems for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries.

Our bespoke engineered systems are produced in accordance with client specifications and local/international standards. OGS’ expert team is focused on providing the highest quality whilst ensuring reliably managed delivery schedules and accurate, timely documentation.

OGS undertakes the complete design and supply of skid mounted or packaged equipment and our scope of supply typically covers all stages of project execution starting from Detailed Design and Engineering to Training and After-sales support. 

Metering Systems

We have wide experience in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of metering systems both for custody transfer and process applications. Our metering solutions ensure accurate measurements and reliable operation of the whole system and each of its components.

Bi-Di Pipe Provers

Meter provers are one of the main area of our expertise. Being one of the few independent system integrators allows us to incorporate industry-leading components to ensure the highest performance and accuracy in the most delicate part of the metering processes – proving.

Helical Turbine Flowmeters

Helical Turbine Flowmeters are meant specifically for high class metering of crude oil and refined products. Turbine meters are renowned for their reliability and unmatchable accuracy in fiscal metering applications.

Fuel Gas Conditioning Systems

n the Oil, Gas and Power generation industries there is a demand for fuel gas which is free from solids and entrained liquids and heated to a sufficient temperature to ensure a margin above the dewpoint of the gas. Only after it has been properly treated can fuel gas be sent to the gas turbine engine.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Multi-beam Ultrasonic meters are specifically meant for custody transfer metering of crude oil and refined products. Ultrasonic flow measurement technology utilizes transit-time of ultrasonic wave in the fluid to determine flow velocity in particular point of the flow profile.

Nitrogen Generation

Our nitrogen generation units are complete turnkey systems for generation of nitrogen in the field with chemical purity from 90% up to 99.999%. Nitrogen generation system capacity, required concentration and output pressure are customized individually for each project.

Viscous Products Unloading Systems

Transportation and handling of viscous products, such as crude oil, heavy fuel oil, molasses and fats is time-consuming and costly. Once solidified inside a railway car these materials must be preheated before they can be pumped out. Our rail tank unloading systems guarantee that viscous product unloading process will be easy to control, water free, fast and complete.

Sampling and Analysis systems

Accurate quality analysis and representative sampling are the two essential parts of any fiscal metering solution since fluid quality parameters have the same importance as quantity for fiscal operations. Our sampling and quality skids provide precise real-time measurement of all main hydrocarbon parameters, both for natural gas, crude oil and refined hydrocarbon products.

Surge Relief and Water Hammer Protection

Surge Relief Systems are widely used in many applications such as major oil pipe lines, sea terminals, tank farms etc. Generally all systems where pressure is contained require some kind of pressure safety relief.

Automatic Samplers

We offer an extended range of Automatic Samplers and auxiliary equipment, which were originally designed and tested in cooperation with British Petroleum. Offered Sampling solutions comply requirements of the latest revisions of ISO 3171 and relevant API and IP industry standards.

Truck and Wagon loading and unloading

Automated Systems for truck loading and metering of various refined products are designed for installation at refinery outlets and truck loading stations. The operation principle is based on passing liquid hydrocarbons, which are being loaded into Railway or Truck tank through a flowmeter.

Tank Provers and Water Draw Units

We are one of a few manufactures of Stationary and Mobile Water Draw Calibration Rigs, which are used for prover calibration. The calibration of a pipe prover by the water draw method requires standard capacity measures or a weighed tank provers, against which the precise volume of the Meter Prover calibrated section may be determined.