Truck loading and unloading

2 Phase Truck Loading system

Automated Systems for truck loading and metering of various refined products are designed for installation at refinery outlets and truck loading stations.

The operation principle is based on passing liquid hydrocarbons, which are being loaded into Railway or Truck tank through a Coriolis mass flowmeter. Depending on the type of fluid, there could be two separate Coriolis Mass Flowmeters dedicated for liquid and gas phases of the hydrocarbon. It is important to mention that while Coriolis Mass Flowmeter for liquid phase is used for direct batching of hydrocarbons, Mass Flowmeter for gas phase is to count reverse flow of hydrocarbon vapors coming from the railway or truck tank. Precise mass of the loaded fluid is then determined based on difference between readings of 2 above mentioned flowmeters.

Periodic calibration of Coriolis Mass Flowmeters of loading system can be performed by means of Mobile Master Meter Unit. Mobile Master Meter Unit is based on high accuracy Coriolis Mass flowmeter, which can verify Duty Flow meter accuracy when connected in sequence. All necessary valved prover connections are provided downstream of the Duty Mass Flowmeter.

Our truck loading and metering systems provide the following list of basic functions:

• Automated process of loading/unloading of Hydrocarbons for truck and railway tank cars

• Automated liquid hydrocarbon weighing process during loading/unloading

• Liquid phase constant pressure monitoring and control in order to prevent hydrocarbons from boiling

• Reversible vapor phase metering during pressure equalization

• Dynamic analysis of the liquid phase composition (including ethane)

• Automatic tank car filling/draining control. Protection from overfilling

• Measurement results display and logging

• Fiscal storage of measured values, data transfer to DCS

• Remote and local electrically actuated valves control

• Automatic setting and control of the flowrate during batching process

• Processing of Pressure and Temperature transmitters signals

• Control of Phase state inside the tank

• On-site proving of flowmeters

• Emergency shutdown functions (ESD)

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