Fuel Gas Conditioning

Fuel Gas Conditioning System

In the Oil, Gas and Power generation industries there is a demand for fuel gas which is free from solids and entrained liquids and heated to a sufficient temperature to ensure a margin above the dewpoint of the gas. Only after it has been properly treated can fuel gas be sent to the gas turbine engine. Otherwise insufficient purification or excessive gas humidity may quickly and seriously damage costly and critical power generating equipment. 

Fuel Gas Conditioning System Schematics

Typical Fuel Gas Conditioning system consists of the following major components:

  • Emergency shutdown and isolation valves
  • Separators and knockout drums - liquid and solids removal
  • Filtration - liquid and solids removal
  • Heating – dewpoint control
  • Regulation - self-acting regulators or control valves
  • Pressure, temperature and flow instruments
  • Metering - Orifice, Turbine, Ultrasonic, Coriolis, Vortex

Separators and Knockout Drums

Proprietary vane, multi-cyclone or wire mesh type internals give high efficiency removal of bulk liquids.

Filter Separators 

These are proprietary two stage units incorporating first stage cartridge filter elements and second stage vanepack, wire mesh or multi-cyclone mist extractor systems, which offer high efficiency removal of bulk solids and liquids.

Flow Meters 

Turbine, Ultrasonic, Coriolis, Orifice and Vortex type meters, with or without pressure/temperature microprocessor correction facilities, allow for measurement of total or individual end user fuel consumption.


Water Bath, Electric or Heat Exchanger/Boiler Systems provide heating of feed gas to ensure product gas is above the dew point temperature.

Pressure Reduction 

There are numerous options available with varying degrees of complexity including:

  • Self-acting & Pressure controller actuated
  • Single & Multi-stage reduction
  • Various associated safety slam shut systems
  • Duty standby systems
  • Active monitor systems

Gas Treatment PackageGas Treatment Skid

We supply gas conditioning systems mounted on skids or as containerized solutions located inside heated modular buildings equipped with all the necessary HVAC facilities such as ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, gas detection and fire alarm systems.